100% of parents felt that the program met their expectations

100% of parents would recommend the program to others

“My son joined the program late in the year. Within one month he had learned his numbers and alphabet and had made other noticeable improvements. I wish I would have enrolled him sooner!” Ella H

“The small group number is conducive to the attention our young children need” Elfreda P

“It’s the best program! Ms. Snow has the patience of a saint and is an amazing teacher” Anita R

“The quality of the teaching and program was excellent. I really felt my child’s experience was enhanced by the student/teacher ratio. The personalized education really came through and my daughter really absorbed a lot” Amy H

“This is a well-planned and well delivered Montessori program. Our son really enjoyed coming to school here. He has learned a lot while having fun. The teacher has done a great job building a team environment, where the children enjoy learning, playing and discovering things together. The teachers are well organized and really enjoy being with children. Each student is encouraged to learn at their own pace and are continuously challenged” Erika C

“Very well structured. Teaches children to work independently as well as in a group. The academic progress of my child was tremendous” Toni C

“I am so impressed with the Montessori teaching methods. My son’s handwriting and math skills improved so much and the small class gave him the attention he needed and a comfortable environment” Asha G

“The program encouraged my daughter to be independent, to think and understand the world around her” Claudia M

“I am pretty impressed with what my daughter learned during her one year here. Without overwhelming her, Ms. Snow taught her so much” Yamina J

“We love the Montessori based program, but what makes the program excel is that Ms. Snow is a great role model and educator” Joyce C

“I was very happy with the program. My daughter gained a lot of confidence and went to school smiling every morning” Timea K

“Fantastic program aimed at fostering a child’s love for learning and independence” Nancy C

“It was a greatly positive experience for my child where he received ample stimulation along with creativity. If I could afford it, I would keep him here for years!” Gloria Y

“It is a great program! Well organized and with great variety. The academics are age and level appropriate” Tracey S

“My son has changed drastically after one year in this school. He has learned not only what is covered in class, but also how to be part of a class and have respect for others. The benefits of a small class have done wonders for him. The extra time spent by the teacher, I believe is the second reason for success. The first being the quality of the teacher” Joel S

“We really liked the program. My son learned a lot and enjoyed going to school every day” Kathy C

“My daughter loved the program and looked forward to going to school every day. She enjoyed the small group and individual teacher-student approach” Gosha K

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